Upcoming Shows

22.11.2018 (Thursday)

Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex

Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex

23.11.2018 (Friday)

Reichenbach, Die Halle

Reichenbach, Die Halle

06.12.2018 (Thursday)

Hannover, Lux

Hannover, Lux

07.12.2018 (Friday)

Oldenburg, Cadillac

Oldenburg, Cadillac

08.12.2018 (Saturday)



28.07.2016 06:56:00

we're sad to say there is some change going on with MOTORJESUS. The collaboration between Andreas Peters, Christof Birx, Oliver Beck and Roman Jasiczak as well as Guido Reuß has stopped several weeks ago. Oliver, Andy and Chris will carry on under the name MOTORJESUS and are already working hard on the new album. The live shows will take place as planned. Patrick Wassenberg and Dominik Kwasny of Chris´ coverband "Chris Howling Band“ will fill in on bass and rhythm-guitar temporarily as session-musicians. Time will tell about a new firm line-up, new band members and further activities. We will keep you informed!“


Hey Rockerz!

27.04.2015 07:13:00

It was a bit quiet here at our Motorjesus web-presence, but we are currently working hard on our 5th album. Beside our rehearsal duties we are playing some open air festivals this summer and at the end of the year we'll meet the boys from Grave Digger! Here are the dates:

01.05.15 - Neu-Wulmstorf, Metal Bash Open Air
22.05.15 - Weilheim, Kult-Ur Open Air
23.05.15 - Gelsenkirchen, Rock Hard Festival
13.06.15 - Ahnsbeck, Break the Ground Open Air
04.07.15 - Pfeffelbach Open Air
11.07.15 - Bonn, Rockaue Festival
18.07.15 - Siegen, Bike & Music Weekend
25.07.15 - Rock im Wald Festival
14.08.15 - Oer-Erkenschwick, SSBO Festival
28.08.15 - Baltic Open Air
05.09.15 - Krefeld, Kulturfabrik - Moshroom Festival
26.12.15 - Glauchau, Alte Spinnerei
27.12.15 - München, Backstage
28.12.15.- Bochum, Zeche
29.12.15 - Berlin, C-Club

We are looking forward to see you at the shows!


17.11.2014 08:02:00

Sadly the show on november 27th in Ebersbach OKV is cancelled - but we have tried & got another show. The new date is in Kaldenkirchen’s BaCa near the dutch border.
If you are interestet in a ticket for the BaCa show just write an email to tickets@motorjesus.net , including the names and numbers of tickets you need. The tickets will be available for 12 € (reservation) and 15 € at the evening. The first 100 reservations will receive a special hard ticket and a small surprise ;-).
Looking forward to see you at the shows!


06.10.2014 11:04:00

We are very happy to announce another show before we go on tour: On Oktober 31st we're very lucky to support one of the greatest guitar heroes of all time. Michael Schenker former Scorpions and UFO guitarist, later well known in MSG is touring across europe with his new "temple of rock" formation (also featuring former Scorpions members Herman Rarebell and Francis Buchholz). We will play in the netherlands in de boerderij in zoetermeer. Were very excited and looking forward to see you at the show!

All infos here:


10.07.2014 07:37:00

At the end of 2014 we will be on tour again with our good mates of President Evil, Gun Barrel and Gloomball. The "Winter Revelation" tour will be in november/ december and is exclusiv presented by eventim.de. So get your tickets and rock out with us through german clubs this winter. Gun Barrel and President Evil will play each half of the tour.

Here are the dates:

MOTORJESUS + President Evil & Gloomball
26.11.14 Berlin - Comet
27.11.14 Ebersbach - OKV
28.11.14 Siegburg - Kubana
29.11.14 Bremen - Tower
MOTORJESUS + Gun Barrel & Gloomball
03.12.14 Nürnberg - Rockfabrik
04.12.14 Hannover - LUX
05.12.14 Rheine - Hypothalamus
06.12.14 Bochum - Matrix