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22.11.2018 (Thursday)

Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex

Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex

23.11.2018 (Friday)

Reichenbach, Die Halle

Reichenbach, Die Halle

06.12.2018 (Thursday)

Hannover, Lux

Hannover, Lux

07.12.2018 (Friday)

Oldenburg, Cadillac

Oldenburg, Cadillac

08.12.2018 (Saturday)


Motorjesus entered the studio and recorded a new song.

12.08.2011 10:25:00

Hey Rockers & Headbangers

Motorjesus entered the studio and recorded a new song. The reason is that the metal hammer magazine germany will publish an exclusive METALLICA special edition magazine plus METALLICA tribute CD in METAL HAMMER issue 09/2011 (German edition) - on sale from 24th of august 2011. The world-exclusive tribute album encompasses eleven previously unreleased versions of the following bands:

Lemmy - 'Enter Sandman'
The New Black - 'Sad But True'
Devildriver - 'Holier Than Thou'
Dark Age - 'The Unforgiven'
Callejon - 'Wherever I May Roam'
I.C.S. Vortex - 'Don't Tread On Me'
Neaera - 'Through The Never'
Doro - 'Nothing Else Matters'
Motorjesus - 'Of Wolf And Man'
Finntroll - 'The God That Failed'
Borknagar - 'My Friend Of Misery'
Sodom - 'The Struggle Within'

The BLACK ALBUM celebrates its 20th birthday, so METAL HAMMER created a special edition magazine with more than 80 pages, lots of interviews and behind the scenes stuff, articles, four mega posters and much more, which is included in the issue 09/2011 of METAL HAMMER (German Edition), to be released on August 24th. Additional extra item is a tribute-CD on which bands such as Devildriver, Doro, Borknagar, Finntroll, Motorjesus or Callejon cover all original album tracks. The METALLICA special edition magazine is not available in record stores. It is only sold together with the magazine. A further extra item in METAL HAMMER 09/2011 is a 32 pages special covering concert reviews, infos and all performances of WACKEN OPEN AIR 2011!

For more Infos visit:

We hope you give it a listen and like our interpetation of the song.


Hallo ...

06.07.2011 13:09:00

Weve got another cool festival coming up ...and the best part... its for free!!! and on Saturday were entering the stage at the ROCK HARZ Festival

tl_files/plakate/schoolsout_a3.jpg   tl_files/plakate/rock-harz.jpg

Hey Folks.

17.06.2011 12:18:00

It's june, it's warm and it is definately time to open some cold beers and getting ready for barbecue and rock 'n roll. After a nice mini-tour with our buddies in The New Black we're starting our engines for a great summer festival tour. We're coming around to the following festivals:


17.06.2011 Ahnsbeck, Break the Ground Festival
18.06.2011 Thüringen, Dragensdorf Rockt Open Air
09.07.2011 Ballenstedt, Rock Harz Open Air
14.07.2011 Neukirchen-Fluyn, Dong Open Air
29.07.2011 Essen, Nord Open Air
30.07.2011 Viersen,  Eier mit Speck
05.08.2011 Geiselwind, Bike & Music Weekend
06.08.2011 Gränichen-Moortal (CH), Open Air Gränichen
12.08.2011 Beckum, Phönix Open Air
20.08.2011 Dinkelsbühl, Summer Breeze
26.08.2011 Wildenrath, 4Stars of Rock Open Air
27.08.2011 Wörrstadt, NOAF Festival
03.09.2011 Tenholt, Metal de Houte Open Air
09.09.2011 Moers, Freefall Festival

Would be very cool to see you guys somewhere out there for some beer soaked sunny rock 'n roll Insanity, right?

Rock on! Motorjesus

Better late than never! The News!

12.05.2011 06:38:00

At first we've got to say thanks a lot for having us on the tour with „DER W“. It was a real blast and Stephan Weidner and his whole crew treated us very nice and friendly. We really made friends there. Also a BIG thank you to all DER W fans who were really cool to us and rocked out with Motorjesus. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING!

We already did the first shows after the tour and we have already started with the “Better in Purgatory Tour 2011” with our buddies from The New Black. The first show was in Geiselwind and there are more to come of this fine heavy rock package. Just check out the dates.

So we hope to see you guys at the upcoming shows. We got new merch ready! Some new patches, a nice tourshirt and hoodies. And of course a nice Heavy Rock Double pack and lots of Beers !!!


Hey Friends!

07.03.2011 08:31:00

We hope you're all doin' good! We are really looking forward to see you guys on tour. Until then we got some news comin' up:

Re-Release!!! Our past record “dirty pounding" and "Deathrider" will be re-released by Drakkar Records on the 4th of march. You will get the albums at your local record store, Amazon, Fan4z.de, EMP or Nuclear Blast.

Festivals: Cool: We are confirmed for the following festivals

Rock Harz:
in the nice surrounding of the Brocken (german Mountain)
Eier mit Speck: "Egg with Bacon" Festival ;)
Dragensdorf Rockt: a nice Festival in Thüringen
Börsencrash Festival in Wuppertal, North Rhine Westphalia

more shows and festivals to come...

besides, we will raffle some tickets for the "Der W Tour" for the show at the Westfalenhalle Dortmund on march 17th. You only have to answer one simple question:

Who is sitting in the Pontiac of the album "Wheels of Purgatory"?

A: Jesus
B: The Wendler

Just mail your answer and your full address to info@motorjesus.net ! Closing date is March 10 !